Installation Of PVC-C Pipeline

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Installation of PVC-C pipeline
(1) general provisions
1) the technical personnel of the pipeline site construction should be trained before they go on duty. They should master and understand the structure and structure of the building, be familiar with the site conditions and the coordination measures and technical requirements with other types of work. Site operators should understand the general properties of CPVC materials, master the construction process and safety measures.
2) the following conditions should be met before the construction of pipeline installation works:
A. construction manpower, machine tools and other auxiliary materials can ensure normal construction;
B. construction site water, electricity and materials storage sites and other temporary facilities can meet the construction requirements;
3) pipe, pipe fittings should be handled gently and neatly arranged during transportation, loading and unloading and handling. Shall not be hit by heavy impact or sharp objects, shall not throw, fall, roll, drag. Low temperature brittleness should be paid attention to during transportation and storage at low temperature.
4) when the temperature difference between the site and the construction site is larger, the pipe should be piled up for a certain period of time, and the material can be installed before the temperature is close to the site conditions.
5) when installing pipeline, the marking of the surface, specification, pressure grade and production date of the pipeline surface shall be placed in the observation oriented position.
6) when the pipeline is installed or interrupted, the opening of the pipeline should be sealed in time.
7) fittings, adhesives and related fittings shall be used.
8) during pipeline installation, paint, sealant, lubricating oil, fire retardant material and so on should be prevented from containing oil or dissolving agent.
9) the adhesive shall be used exclusively for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes, and the product qualification certificate, product shelf life and use instruction of the production enterprises are provided. (to be continued)